About the WordWise Online team

The co-founders of WordWise Online (Pty) Ltd, Barbara Hutton, Lindsay Norman and Wendy Walton, have combined their collective expertise, experience, talents and passion for education to develop The Skilled Proofreader online course.

Barbara Hutton holds two post-graduate degrees in Social Sciences and Education from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has extensive experience in adult education. With over 30 years’ experience in educational materials and course development, Barbara is a professional writer, researcher, editor, copy editor and proofreader. Her particular expertise and passion is in creating high-quality, plain language materials that are accessible, appropriate and engaging for the required target audience, purpose and platform, using print, audio and digital technologies. She has a broad network of global clients in various sectors, including not-for-profit and NGOs, social justice foundations, government departments, university departments, publishing houses, and corporates.

Lindsay Norman graduated from the University of Cape Town with a major in English and an Honours degree in African Studies. Lindsay has worked in educational and non-fiction publishing for over 30 years as an editor, proofreader, writer and commissioning editor for various companies including Oxford University Press, Juta Publishers, Cambridge University Press, and Penguin Random House. She has written over 12 textbooks and is the author of three children’s books. Lindsay has also worked for magazines and developed high-end/luxurious coffee table memoirs for esteemed industrialists.

Wendy Walton has a degree in English and African languages and a post-graduate degree in Education. Wendy has utilised her background in teaching and training in the field of school and tertiary education to conceptualise, write, edit and proofread learning materials for a wide range of clients in various sectors. She has authored and co-authored over 10 publications. Wendy has overseen translation projects, ensuring that authentic material of the highest standard is achieved. She also has a particular interest in learning methodologies that enable and support effective learning, whether face-to-face or in the e-learning space.

Marco Casati is a typesetting specialist and is the creative force behind the design and layout of all the documents and artefacts that replicate real-life copy in The Skilled Proofreader. He has a post-graduate degree from Rhodes University. Marco has worked at Colours Magazine and Oxford University Press, South Africa, before founding Stronghold Publishing services in 2008.

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