About This Course

The Skilled Proofreader course gives you:

self-paced online learning

flexible beginning and end dates

proofreading practice from a wide range of texts at every step

immediate feedback after activities and assessments

a learning methodology that develops the mindset of a proofreader

a highly interactive learning experience

easy navigation

free resources, including checklists and templates

a WordWise certificate to add to your CV


a pathway to transition from proofreading to copy-editing

“I completed The Skilled Proofreader course and learnt so much. It trained my eye to read for grammar and language accuracy. It was great to be able to practise what I learnt so thoroughly. It’s a really good course, well put together, and covers everything you need to know. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to get into the proofreading business to do this course.”

– Carla, Cape Town
“I got a lot out of the WordWise course. There was a lot of application and practice. It gave me actual tools, skills, and the confidence to be a proofreader.”

– Hannah, United Kingdom
“Having been involved in the technology build of this course , I can confidently say that the WordWise team is exceptional. Their knowledge and experience is enormous and relevant. The course takes you on a learning journey that builds a thorough understanding and comprehension of the content so that you can proofread in real-world situations effectively and professionally.”

– Aleks Tasic, Technology and Education BNTdigital
“Being a complete beginner and having no knowledge of the publishing industry at all, I was a bit apprehensive about doing this course. But I’m so glad I did! The explanations were simple and easy to understand, and I really liked the style of writing. I’m now freelancing as a proofreader.”

– Andile, South Africa
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